Google+ EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Make Up Artist Vardan Nayak shares his Bollywood Success story with ‘The Fans World’ (Part – 1) |

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Make Up Artist Vardan Nayak shares his Bollywood Success story with ‘The Fans World’ (Part – 1)

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“The Fans World is the most unique initiative. Bridging the gap between the celebrity and a fan is amazing. Thank you for giving people like us an identity, people who contribute to the success of these stars.” – Celebrity Make Up artist Vardan Nayak.

1o years of assistance with Bollywood’s most celebrated Make up artist Mickey Contractor, and today Vardan Nayak is following his mentor’s foot steps into making a name for himself in this wide spread Bollywood industry. Vardan must now be added to the growing list of Indian make up artists who’ve risen to Bollywood prominence. In this EXCLUSIVE interview, the Magician of Make up gets candid about how he made it Big in Bollywood, how assisting Mickey Contractor was a dream come true and how it feels like to work with the biggest names of Bollywood.

Being the male member of the family, you would have been expected to take up a career like being an Engineer or a Doctor. What made you choose Make up as your career option?

To begin with, I would like to say that my father, Dilip Nayak, has been a Make-up artist. So for me it has kind of been taking up a family business. I’ve grown up looking at my dad travel with celebrities for their make-up. That is something that inspired me all along. But I wanted to have a name for myself. So being a make-up artist has always been my Dream. I was surrounded by colours and make up accessories all my childhood and it’s a human tendency to learn and pick up from what you find in the environment around you. It the natural course.


Who has been your inspiration?

My true inspiration is my Mickey Sir (aka Celebrity Make-up Artist Mickey Contractor). His work in films and magazines was so incredible that my will and desire to become like him only increased with every view of his work. I very well remember his work on Anupam Kher where he transformed him into Sridevi’s character’s sister in the film ‘Roop Ki Rani, Chooron Ka Raja’, which was something that left me spellbound. Also a few years back, the way he turned Aamir Khan into half man and half woman for a set up box advertisement left me completely speechless. His creativity is unmatched as he has the most unique ideas. The day I joined him he told me only one thing that will stay with me all my life, it was “Be Focused.” What inspired me more was that I wanted to be like him, but of course he is a living legend and no one can be like Mickey Sir. His hardwork and honesty towards work inspires me every day.


Would it be safe to say that one can notice impressions of Make Up artist Mickey Contractor’s style in the work you do?

I will be more than happy if my work resembles with my sir, it would be a great honour. I’ve worked with him as an assistant for 10 years. So the origin of my make-up ideas draw inspiration from the techniques I learnt while I was working under him. The credit of my success has to be attributed him because whatever I can do today is because of him.

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We often get to hear success stories of how Bollywood actors struggle their way into this humungous industry to have a secure place and position. However, we as fans don’t get to hear much about how hard other people work in making this possible for them. We’re sure you too must have a story of success to share with us. So what is it like?

Well yes, my struggle started at the age of 16. When I decided to start my career in makeup, I had to struggle for 2 years. During this time, I entered the sets for the first time during the shooting of ‘My Hero: Love Story Of A Spy’.

When I was 18, I got an opportunity to work with Mickey Sir that too on a larger than life set ‘Mahi Ve’ song from ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’. Mickey Sir was working with Preity Zinta, Jaya Bachchan and Sonali Bendre back then. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work on films such as:

I would like to open a make-up institute later in my career on a large basis, that’s my ultimate dream!

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Many of us have come to know about ‘Vardan Nayak – The celebrity Make-Up Artist’ after we’ve seen your work on Alia Bhatt in films like ‘2 States’ and ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’. So what do have to say about the look?

Both the films were completely different, in one Alia played a South Indian, Tam-Bram to be precise, then she played a Punjabi in the other. So for the South Indian look we used more of the pastel shades and for the Punjabi look we used vibrant shades like Orangy and pink etc, according to the climate.


Also, in both the films, Alia Bhatt is sporting a bridal look. Could you please elaborate more on the make-up techniques you’ve used for her traditional South Indian bride look in ‘2 States’ and the modern bride look in ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’?

In ‘2 States’, throughout the film I had to use smoky eyes for Alia. The bridal look was the only time when I could play more to match the bridal attire. Her lipstick went brighter and overall the make-up is vibrant. I made her make-up one shade brighter to take the advantage of the sunlight as the wedding scene was being shot in the open. Also, if you notice in the film, people in the wedding scene are in clothes of lighter shades but Alia’s character wears striking red, which was cherry of the cake for me. When it comes to the bridal look in ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’, she had to look natural so I didn’t use much of foundation. So the shades were lighter for this look. As she plays a Punjabi girl from Ambala who is bubbly, notorious and a typical desi girl, I decided to give her soft flush on her cheeks; muted lips using a lot of peachy, corals and orange shades.  Her eye makeup is very natural & understated – black kohl with slight smudge effect on lower lash line & tons of black mascara on upper & lower lashes. And a bindi to add the desi touch (some scenes).

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We’ve learnt that you’ll be working thrice with Alia for her upcoming film ‘Shandaar’, where she’s paired with Shahid Kapoor. Can you tell us more about her look in the film?

That is something that I cannot talk about right now because it is too early. But yes you’ll see her in a different look.

FAN QUESTION – What is rapport with Alia Bhatt like? How is she as a person?

My relationship with Alia is very cordial and professional. She is one actress who’ll never throw starry tantrums at you. She believes in my work and gives me a free hand. There have been moments where we’ve chatted over pictures and other normal stuff. She’s always on time on the sets and very comfortable to work with. Alia is someone who’ll always go up to her fans if she spots them standing somewhere to click pictures and give autographs.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (To be Continued….)


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