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October: A movies that says a lot without saying too much

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Soojit Sircar has portrayed the month of October beautifully in the movie. A perfect blend of emotions, heart hitting dialogues, skilled actors and a visual delight. But hold on, if you don’t connect to things emotionally, this movie might disappoint you. It doesn’t have those entertaining dance numbers, thrilling scenes nor exciting locations. Just like the month October feel – Spring, the movie says a lot, without saying too much.

Varun Dhawan yet again will leave you speechless with his acting skills and the debutant Banita Sandhu has given a impeccable performance as well. In that case, the entire star cast with a perfect fit for the movie.

What was missing is, you wait for that moment that something interesting might just come up, but throughout you only wait for it. It’s a slow movie! But well patience is the key, you might understand the slow moving track until you reach the end of the movie.

Collection At The Box-Office.
Fri 5.04 cr
Sat 7.47 cr
Sun 7.74 cr.
Total: ₹ 20.25 cr.



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