Google+ Recently Ranveer Singh revealed his new look.
Gully Ka Chokra

“Gully Ka Chokra”: Ranveer Singh’s New Look For Gully Boy Dialogue Promo

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Recently Ranveer Singh revealed his new look for his highly-awaited film “Gully Boy” He posted the picture online with the caption “Gully Ka Chokra” and left the fans to go crazy, wanting for more. Wearing a Muslim skull cap on his head. His intense eyes are rimmed with kohl. He is known for his method of transforming himself into his character and yet he has done it again.

Ranveer, along with the star-studded cast, has already begun prepping for his big forthcoming project under the mentorship of Kapil Dev, whose role would be portrayed by the star.

‘Gully Boy’ also starring Alia Bhatt, is all set to release next week.

Here’s a dialogue promo that explains “Gully Ka Chokra”

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