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Fandamental Tip of the Day

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Fandamentals is the fan version of fundamentals…while being a fan doesn’t require rules but if you want to get a step closer to your favourite star, then yes, you have to follow Fandamentals.

From my own experience, I, the fan gal will share the do’s and dont’s of becoming a die hard fan.

My fandamental of the day is that if you like a celeb who is on twitter rather then wasting time and spamming them with tweets, make a fan club. If the celeb you like is already leading and has a fan club with huge number of followers that you can not compete. So make a different kind of  fan club like quotes e.g ‘rkquotes’ where excerpts from Ranbir Kapoor’s interviews can be tweeted. This will make your existence felt. Your favourite star will RT and you never know, you might just get followed and then you can hit conversation over Direct Messages over Twitter.

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