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Fan Moment of Dhwani with Tiger Shroff.

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1) How has the excitement been since you heard about meeting your star?
I actually wasn’t prepared to meet ️Tiger Shroff. My dad told me that we have to go out. I didn’t even had a hint that I m gonna meet him that was the best thing
2) Did you plan something for your star, to how you’d greet and meet?
Yes I had planned many things. I made many sketches for him, I made a card and much more things to give
3) Tell us one thing about your star that makes you support them selflessly.
Frankly speaking, he is the most humble person I have ever met. So kind and so gentle. He was talking with me as if we know each other from many years…Very Very Very Friendly
4) How was your reaction when you saw them finally?
I started crying  I was very very very very very happy to see him. It was like your biggest dream come true. I was stunned seeing him
5) One characteristic of your star that made you feel special when with them?
There’s not one…there are many things about him that made me feel special. The warm hug, the way he treated me, the way of talking…everything about him is just perfect
6) When did the FanLove began for your star?
My fan love for him began when I saw his 1st movie trailer on YouTube  That day onwards I was his biggest fan…I used to completely follow him
7) In one sentence describe your emotions and feelings you went through when with you were with your star
I don’t even remember what was I doing…I forgot all what I wanted to say him from so many months…I was too shy to approach him for a selfie…I  was on the top of the world…I could see only me and Tiger and rest all was blackout
8) How hard did you try to get a chance to meet your star?
I tried everything to get noticed by him…finally it was successful. I did a dance video for him which he loved and uploaded on social sites on my birthday wishing me… I made contact with every person who he used to work with…his manager, his team members and even his mother  I did every possible thing just to meet him…at last my dad promised me to make me meet him soon after my exams
9) Any credits you’d wanna give for making this happen?
I would like to thank my sweetest dad to make everything possible… My uncle who is in this field… And A Big Thanks To Tiger Shroff

10) A message to your star, that you’d wanna send across?

Yes! Although I couldn’t tell my feelings to him the time I met….I would love to express it over here that Tiger…I really really really and truly love you from the bottom of my heart…you are the best thing that has happened to me…Your eyes are hazel . And u look sooooooooo handsome and hot…having such a Gorgeous face….and I will love you forever and ever…You are the best personality I have ever seen…You make me sooo happy….All I would say that All the best for all your Films and Projects…Always there with you…Your biggeeessst and die hard fan Ever

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