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Fan Moment: Anjali Tolani with Ayushmann Khurrana

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1) How has the excitement been since you heard about meeting your star?
> The kind of excitement has remained constant from my first meet to the present fifth meet. The moment I come to know,there comes up my crazy goofy laugh followed by a squeak.High fives and bear hugs all  to my sibling.That feeling is simply wonderful.
2) Did you plan something for your star, to how you’d greet and meet?
> Plan? I imagine the entire day like about 10times in my head.
What am I gonna wear,my make up,do what ,say what…So much brain activity.
3) Tell us one thing about your star that makes you support them selflessly.
> The fact that Ayushmann has excelled in all that he has done,he still remains so grounded and genuinely humble.

 4) How was your reaction when you saw them finally?
> That remains indescribable.I still can’t put my emotions to words.


  5) One characteristic of your star that made you feel special when with with them?
>Ayushmann makes you feel so loved and special !
I remember my first meet at Blue frog.
Ayushmann was coming down those stairs;  he looked at me,smiled and said “Oh Anjie you’re here” I was awestruck and totally speechless. I hadn’t expected that he would recognize me.
A similar thing happened when my dad met him for the second time which was over a year.Ayush instantly said “Arey sir main aapko jaanta hun; hum pehle mil chuke hai”. Your favourite star knows you so well and loves you back! What more would a fan want.

6) When did the FanLove began for your star?
> I used to have a liking for Ayush since his  Just Dance and IPL season 3 days.But the time Vicky Donor released and Pani Da Rang went  on air I was in love with him head over heels.Went to watch the film for the third time saying I m going for Avengers to my parents. And yeah joined Twitter.

7) In one sentence describe your emotions and feelings you went through when with you were with your star?
Like I said before,Ayushmann doesn’t make you feel you’re standing next to a star; its a really warm n fuzzy happy feeling.

 8) How hard did you try to get a chance to meet your star?
> I have played several Meet And Greet Ayushmann contests and won all of them.Touchwood ! I don’t call myself lucky,I say I am blessed abundantly.

9) Any credits you’d wanna give for making this happen?
> Contest organizers and my family for cooperating always.

 10) A message to your star, that you’d wanna send across?
> Dearest Ayushmann,
Thank you for all the love.You can always count on me for I’ll always be there supporting you,loving you and yeah playing all those meet n greet contests with sincere dedication


Love you AK !

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