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Deepak’s fan moment with Arjun Kapoor.

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Deepak’s dream of meeting Arjun Kapoor came true, and incidentally on his birthday. Here is what he had to say on the meeting:

Question 1: How did your Arjun obsession begin?

Okay, ‘Ishaqzaade’ was the first time I saw In mass Theatres, everybody was clapping, dancing, whistling on ‘Chokra Jawaan Re’ and I realised I’m one of them. It was quite awkward for me as I’m a shy type guy. I searched about Arjun on Google, then I got to know that he is Salman Khan’s bigger admirer  (as I am). Also Salman inspired him to lose weight (almost 60-70kgs). After listening the story of him from fat to fit, he earned the respect in my heart after that. I started listening to his songs. His dialogues, his rugged andaaz. But basically Salman is the Chain which made me a crazy Arjunzaada.

Question 2: How did your friends react to this madness for Arjun?

Surprisingly my best friend was Also addicted to ‘Hua Chokra Jawaan Re’. We both have watched ‘Ishaqzaade’ 6-7 times in Theatre. Some Of my apartment friends were like “Tere mobile mein family se jyada toh Arjun Kapoor ke pictures hai. Pura din Arjun Arjun..Pagal ho jayega. Wo tera ilaaz nahi karwane aanewala hai.”

Question 3: Ok. As a fan next thing is u want to meet your star. Share your struggle story of meeting.

I never thought in my life that I’d meet Arjun Kapoor. I struggled for my friends 5-6 Times to make them Meet Arjun. Best thing was when they called me after meeting made me feel like I’m present  their with them emotionally.

About my personal struggle to meet him, I just wanted to thank the manager of Arjun, the best person ever. Never said no to me. She managed everything, changed Arjun’s schedule just to make me meet my lord. I mean Like,”Kaun karta hai yaar itna just for a ordinary fan.” That was really sweet of his manager.


Question 4: Tell me when, how and where did you meet your idol.
I came to Mumbai just to meet Arjun Kapoor. I didn’t know where does he live. Thank you Fatima for finding Baba. I thought I’d meet Arjun at his building’s passage and some clicks and after that I’d leave.
But what happened next was just unexpected.
His manager told me to come upstairs to his house (with my friends). My heart was beating rapidly. We entered his house. They told us to sit. I just had water and Arjun came in with a cake from the room singing ‘Happy Birthday To You Deepak’. I was literally crying on that moment. It was like a dream come true.

Question 5: Tell us how did you express your love.

Arjun said me to blow the candles and make a wish.

Me:” Meri wish toh puri ho gayi baba”
Then we cut the cake , Arjun said “I can’t eat sweet at the moment.”
Me: You’ve to Baba.
Then i gave a bite to all.

Then Arjun sat next to me .
He signed his first film ‘Ishaqzaade’s poster for me and ‘Gunday’s poster for Our Whatsapp group.

Question 6: We also heard that you run a fanclub of Arjun. Tell us about that.

Yes, I started a Fan-club which is like a family now.
I found that there’s no sailor of the ship on twitter. Everybody is running on their own mind.. No ‘Arjunzaades’ were united and interested in having connections with each other. So I decided to make a place where all the ‘Arjunzaades’ can talk to each other .
We’ve started with 6 and Now its 25 genuine crazy ‘Arjunzaades’.
Our Twitter page’s objective is to provide all the latest updates and information to the fans across the globe.
When i went to Arjun’s house, their PR was excited to know whose handling the @team_Arjun handle. This gave me goosebumps. How people appreciate what I do for ‘Baba’.
Arjun said “Mein toh Tumhara fan bann gaya”

Question 7: When you met Arjun, what was that 1 thing you went crazy? His nature? Looks?

What he did for a fan was the sweetest thing and this is not the first time, but for me it was unforgettable experience. His one hand is two of mine, which I got crazy of knowing.

His love and care for fans is what every celeb should adore. Actually our conversation was the craziest, I even forgot that he is a celeb. He told me “Bas kar bhai,inko bhi toh kuch bolne do.”

Any message you wanna give Arjun?

Stay Awesome Like Parma, stay cool like Vishal, keep rocking like Bala, keep shining like Savio, be crazy like Pintoo, always love your fans Like Krrish.


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