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Our very much bubbly fan girl met the dashing and the most desirable face of small screen Sahil Salathia…at the book launch of Suvam Pal’s third book- Harper Collins Book of World CupTrivia. The book launch was a personal affair with guests seen having some great time as writes Suvam Pal tricked them all by asking some fun Cricket trivia.

Harshita managed to have a quick chat with Sahil who was present at the event as he has always been a Sports enthusiast.

1. Where do we see Sahil next?

- Well there a couple of projects in pipeline, cannot reveal anything as of now. Announcements will be made soon as of now I am in talks.

2.  Do you aim to be seen on the big screen?

- Well yes, I have been in the industry for quite some time now. I used to do modelling and commercials and post then Everest happened

3. Talking about Everest, how has life changed post the show?

- It has changed quite a lot. It feels great to receive so much of love and admiration from people and they recognise you it just makes you feel good.

4.  We at fans world think, fans are really important for every actor? What’s your take on fans? – *Blushes*Well yes definitely!!  I have so many fans who keep tweeting me and I think it’s really sweet. Infact a fan from UK has made a fan club also and it’s overwhelming all I can do is reply to their tweets as and when I get time. That’s the best I can do.

5. We have seen you actually repost a lot of posts by your fans. That is really sweet very few actors do that

- Oh yaa, it’s always good to acknowledge some1s effort.  There is this fan who made a beautiful sketch and I was touched. They often make collages and I really appreciate and love each 1.

6. What was your 1st fan encounter?

- Well the best think I remember that happened to me in the beginning was that this website called India forums gave me a gift from a fan. They have a section, I guess where fans can send their gifts and they are delivered to the celebrities. I was gifted this awesome portrait.  I was touched.

7. Since you look so cute, aren’t u afraid of any stalker? Did u have any experience?

- *Laughs hard* Well not really, I don’t think anyone has stalked me. Just at times my number is accessible to people they msg gm and Gn but that’s about it otherwise no hardcore stalker as such.

8. Just like how we all girls are ga ga over you, we want to know whose fan are you.

- Hmmmmm. Well I would say Aishwarya Rai. She is just flawless and been my crush since childhood

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