Google+ Celebrity Make Up Artist Vardan Nayak talks about various Make Up techniques in his Part 2 interview with ‘The Fans World’ |

Celebrity Make Up Artist Vardan Nayak talks about various Make Up techniques in his Part 2 interview with ‘The Fans World’

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“Always remember that, make up is used to enhance your natural skin tone and polish your personality. On a daily basis, it should only be used to hide your dark circles and pigmentations”, points out the Make up & skin expert Vardan Nayak who is on the verge of becoming the Make Up talent of B’Town. He has seen make up equipments all his life and this is one thing that is inseparable Biggest from him. Further, in an interview with us Mr. Nayak continues to confess that he has been named ‘Vardan’ by the famous Pakistani Actress/ Singer Salma Agha (today known as Sasha Agha’s Mom), who made a unique position for herself in Bollywood.

Who have you dreamt of working with?

I had always dreamed of working with Sachin Tendulkar and I got an opportunity to work with him on TV Commercials, print ads and events.



Now giving this interview a fan angle, what if there is a situation wherein there is a girl who is a fan and is either waiting in the scorching heat or drizzling rain for a moment where she can meet her favourite celebrity and yet in such extreme conditions wants to look her best when she meets her star. What make-up advice would you like to give her?

The best advice that I can give is use minimal make up. The more natural you go, the best you turn out to look. It is important to even out your skin tone, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. My personal advice is, in the rainy season one should use minimal foundation because rain droplets might wash it off. Also, use a waterproof mascara. Cream coloured foundation which stays for a longer time is recommended with little powder. For your lipstick, try adding colours like peach or pink. When it is hot, you must use a water based moisturizer and then concealer just to even out your skin. If you’re fond, then you can use an eye shadow of any shade. When winter is around the corner, all darker tones comes out of closet and also in Fashion.  During winter fashion weeks more of darker shades are used.




Any beauty tips that you’d like to share with out fan readers?

Sleep on time. Eat well. And wear make-up every day, especially foundation in order to protect your face from the harsh UV rays. Make-up acts like a protection barrier against these harmful sunrays. For the Indian weather, a water based moisturizer is recommended over an oil based moisturizer. Use products that match your skin. For lips, I recommend the following:

● Fair skin – Bright & Poppy/Darker shades.

● Olive skin – dusky and pink colours.

● Darker skin people should stick to Plums & chocolates colour and should stay away from Nude colour.

*Indian skin with pigmentation I will never use or advise them to use darker lip colour.

*So Fair and olive skin tone girls should never be afraid to pick Darker lip shades.




Do you recall any peculiar fan moment on the sets of any of films that you’ve worked in with a celebrity?

Fans are people who make celebrities who they are. I’ve seen a bunch of people holding ‘Marry Me’ and ‘I Love You’ boards and posters to propose actresses. Once there was this 9 years old lad who had an ‘I Love You! Will you marry me?’ board in his hand showing it to her favourite actress and I was touched to see that kind of gesture. When it comes to Alia Bhatt, there is this little fan who literally sang the entire ‘Radha’ song for Alia from her debut film ‘Student Of The Year’.

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Any message to the fans?

Do not over do your make up in order to impress your favourite celebrity. Wear colours that suit you and not just any colour.

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What do you have to say about your concept of giving an identity to the fans? For use the fans are the stars because we make them famous. Any thoughts?

Yes I agree. Fans are the ones because of whom stars see success. I would love to help them whenever I can get the opportunity.

Bridging the gap between the celebrity and a fan is amazing. Thank you for giving people like us an identity, people who contribute to the success of these stars.

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Rapid Fire –

Favourite 5 make up accessories – Concealer, tinted blusher, mascara, lash curler and lipstick.

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Your favourite look for an actress in a Bollywood film? 1942 – A Love story. Manisha Koirala.

Celebs worked with so far:

Madhuri Dixit (for 2 magazine shoots – Filmfare and Asia Spa)

Priyanka Chopra (Krrish promotions, events and parties)

Huma Qureshi (D’Day, Ek Thi Daayan, Dedh Ishqiya)

Sasha Agha (Aurangzeb)


Vaani Kapoor (Aha Kalyanam and photoshoots)

Alia Bhatt

Sonam Kapoor (Kjo bash & Dolly Ki Doli)

Rani Mukherji (Films and promotions)

Sushmita Sen (Bengali film – Nirbaak)

Parineeti Chopra (Daawat-E-Ishq, L’Officiel photoshoot and Look Who’s talking with Niranjan Iyengar)

Varun Dhawan (event)

Arjun Kapoor (Gunday promotions)

Sonakshi Sinha (Photoshoot)

Kajal Agarwal (events)

Anushka Sharma

Atiya Shetty (Debut Film)

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