Google+ Bharat teaser reveals why Salman Khan is called Bharat.
bharat teaser

“Bharat” Teaser: Salman Khan Charms With His Patriot Act Film Releases On Eid 2019

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Bharat teaser reveals why Salman Khan is called Bharat in the Ali Abbas Zafar film.
The teaser starts with the monologue of Salman Khan along with the glimpses from the film and the teaser shows the journey of a man and a nation together. Also, it features the different avatar of Salman Khan, from rockstar bike rider to navy officer to old man.
The most catchy of all are the dialogues, where Bhai explains that when people ask him his name, surname, religion and caste, he only responds with his name. He explains that it is so because his name is Bharat, and after being named after such a great nation

The film also stars Tabu, Disha Patani, Sunil Grover and Jackie Shroff.

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