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Bahubali 2 Movie Review The Conclusion Is Even Bigger!

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Bahubali 2 review

The most anticipated film of 2017, or rather this decade, Bahubali 2: The Conclusion is even bigger and better than it’s first part. Just like its trailer sent chills down our spine, the movie repeats it at a larger amplitude on the big screen. Without any further ado, the director straightaway resumes the story from where he had left it. Although you can predict the plot, which, to be honest, isn’t as mind blowing as the VFX used, the intense and breath taking action scenes end up making the viewer euphoric. S.S.Rajamouli teaches us how an unexceptional story can be turned into a grand experience for the viewer by mere elaboration of emotions. The viewer feels the tyranny and despotism and that’s the success of all the actors. To especially point out, the way Prabhas has managed to display the difference between Amarendra Bahubali and Mahendra Bahubali is commendable. Quite a few things are lost and some songs seem unnecessary because of the translation, albeit the depiction is majestic. In addition to the stellar visuals created by big-budgeted special effects, the cinematography is equally spectacular. Stunning scenes and magical story-telling being the mainstay, Bahubali: The Conclusion is a visual extravaganza that everyone oughts to feast on.

A review by – Adhiraj Juvekar



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