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Arjun Kapoor’s Biggest Fan Shares An Open Letter To All The Body Shaming “Strugglers”

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“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. For a fat person, a fitter person must be leading a better life. For a struggling actor, the life of an established actor is desirable. But do we realize that there’s a constant struggle that each one goes through that hides behind the curtain of perfection?
Being a PR professional who has to visit these pocket friendly CCDs of Mumbai, I come across these struggling, oh I apologize, aspiring actors (as the word ‘struggling’ offends most of them), who body shame actors like Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha or even Parineeti Chopra for not fitting the mould of the perfect body that an actor needs to have. Can acting really be measured by the way your body is shaped? Yes Nepotism exists but the pressure and constant struggle to be unique everytime for an established personality’s off spring be ignored because of being born with a silver spoon in mouth?
Let’s talk about Arjun Kapoor in detail, which took my fan girl avatar to next level in being titled as the ‘Arjunzaadi’:
1. Arjun’s struggle with himself
Like most ‘aspiring actors’ from the capital of the country, who from their teenage years have been complimented, “Tu Hero Dikhta Hai!” Ekdum Ranbir Kapoor and have worked on themselves with a range of skin enhancing creams & memberships at the gym, Arjun Kapoor’s sole motto in life was to lose the weight he had accumulated over the years rather than that being one of the tools that would lead him to becoming an actor. His transformation has been an inspiration to many who find it difficult to be focused on their weight loss journey. The man is still struggling with it and that has to be appreciated.
2. Arjun Kapoor clearly is not a flop show man!
There have been several star kids who’ve made their onscreen debut or possibly even relaunched and completely vanished from the industry. But being the son of a producer he never got to anything else in his dad Boney Kapoor’s production house other than being an AD, who literally had to be a personal assistant for the stars. There definitely has to be a reason why he’s worked on 9 films in a span of 5 years with a good success rate. He’s an icon that an average Indian man can relate to which is important for the sustain of a star onscreen. Not necessarily a well built and extremely good looking actor can do that which the city is full of. But i often hear comments from these people saying “Arey isme kuch nahi, Karan Johar mujhe dekhle to aise hi lelega.” “Chal yaar Yari road CCD jaate hai waha Shanoo sharma Baithti hai, ek nazar main role miljaayega.” I am sorry but this kind of over confidence will take you nowhere. Many people even came upto me talking shit about my favourite actor but i fought back. Later i realised empty vessels make more noise and that they should be ignored.
3. Arjun Kapoor didn’t have what we call a ‘perfect family’, he’s seen numerous ups and downs in his personal life. He lost his mother right before the release of his first film which was a box office hit and had won him the best debutant award. And such a stage in life, usually children lose track of themselves and get into things that are seen in a bad view by the society. But in such a situation to give your best and make that member of your family proud who isn’t anymore with you, that’s the true definition of a ‘Man’. Most struggling actors when rejected after an amazing audition, drink and crib about how disgusting the process of casting is or multiple failed auditions even lead to consumption of drugs and then the typically say “BC yaar kash mera baap Yash Chopra hota and curse every star kid.”
4. Taking life seriously
Arjun Kapoor despite being free to live a life of his own will and not having to care about his relatives, has proved to be a dotting brother. He’s placed his sister Anshula Kapoor right after his mother and considers her more important than anyone. While some struggling actors go to the extend of abusing their parents and even breaking relationships with them once they stop sponsoring their dreams.
At the end of the day, these same strugglers who sit at these coffee shops and criticize such actors when they appear on TV, on meeting these actors when they land passing shot roles in his films, take selfies with the star and flaunt it on their social media pages where they are idolized as superstars by likes and comments. Why do such double standards exist? These negative energies that these aspiring actors exuberate can be channelized into making their skills sharper and maintaining a positive environment around them. There’s a reason why I’m still a fan of his despite meeting better looking aspiring actors!
Because Arjun to me is more than just a star. He is an inspiration. Hope this letter makes some sense to the people who waste their time sitting at coffee shops cribbing and bad mouthing about other actors.
Ps: Arjun Kapoor will be completing 5 successful years in the industry on 11th May and this is my way to say I love you Arjun and respect you the most.
By Arjunzaadi (Harshita Vaishnav) – The Fan Girl

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