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About Fan Girl

This is concept based on real girl who is a Bollywood star lover and if any celebrity bestows upon her, she opulence’s of their glance ,she becomes a die-hard fan of that particular celebrity.

She’s got those big dreams in her eyes. All she does is think ‘Bollywood’. Today, she has even got strong ties with members of the industry.

She’s so talented that she can even write an imaginary script featuring her celebrity crush and play the lead girl and feel like the mainstream heroine.

She doesn’t hesitate to put her talent  on display for the free world.

The concept of fangirl is poetic and girl is really a fan of Filmy world of Bollywood. From being a Ranbirholic  to being a devoted Arjunzaadi now, the fan girl’s journey has been worth  while and fulfilling. Like men dream about their dream girl, incase of Harshita Vaishnav, Male Bollywood celebrities dream that there should be a fan like Harshita for them who is the ultimate Fan Girl. In real sense, the fans are creator of the star and celebrity, if they lack fans & followers, they will vanquish from the silver screen. If an actor is struggling in Bollywood and desires to remove the impediments in his/ her journey then that actor should get access to the Fan Girl, is what we recommend. Her confidence and wit is unmatched. Her love for movies and the actor she adores, she gives her live to that beloved actor of hers. She’s ambitious and aspires to be a big name in B’Town. Where she goes the limelight follows just like the her bright & dreamy eyes.

Come along and sway in; into the World of Dreams. It genuinely is world where your Star dreams can turn into reality!

Fan girl – the ultimate girl whose fan girling sets an example for other fans.

Harshita Vaishnav popularly known as Fan Girl, stared Fangirling (as we would call it) since the age of 10. Her love for the Bollywood was radiant since then. As a teenager she was fond of Abhishek Bachchan. She did the craziest things for him like making a scrap book dedicated to the star, visiting his bungalow ‘Pratiksha’, making cards for various occasions, etc. During this period, India wasn’t technologically advanced, hence there were no mobile camera phones and digi cameras. So unfortunately Fan Girl couldn’t capture any of her memories with Junior Bachchan. But she was termed as the ultimate Fan Girl then & there as she had something credible to share.

Harshita met Abhishek a couple of times in her locality in Andheri. Her vicinity comprised of Anupam Kher’s office, where Abhishek used to make frequent visits as she was shooting for ‘OM, Jai, Jagdish’ then. He used to date Karishma Kapoor at that point of time. Fan girl managed to meet and take autographs of both of them. These meeting with Abhishek had elevated her love for Bollywood and resplendent her heart full of Filmigiri & this led to her identity of the ultimate Fan Girl.

Now talking about Abhishek’s memories, fan girl still has the moments scrap book saved along with 2 letters which she got from him, hand written, as a Thank you gift. He had personally benedicted her that she will be bestowed with same fame as the Bollywood stars. For a 15 year old to get a letter from her favourite celebrity had become a big news in the girl’s circle. This news offered her many joyful praises of great reverence.

Time and again, as time passed by Saawariya came in the year 2007, very soon after Abhishek got married to Aishwarya and the Fan Girl was blown by the charming looks of Ranbir Kapoor. The Fan Girl kept playing contents and won them, which had once given her the title of the biggest fan of Ranbir Kapoor and she called herself a Ranbirholic. She made frequent visits to his Bungalow. Even Neetu Kapoor got to know about this and met her personally. This Fan Girl had become super famous by then, people in the media to college to everyone in the family knew her as the biggest Ranbir Kapoor Fan. Fangirl was so crazy for him that even media industry was surprised at her love and admiration for Ranbir that she was even interviewed by Femina Magazine for this. She has had some lovely moments with Ranbir as they met 40 times and she has innumerable pics with him.

Ranbir even mentioned her in a couple of interviews with CNN-IBN and Times Now. Fangirl set an example to all the fans. Fans started approaching to her to help them to meet their favourite stars. She helped many fans  to meet their  favorite stars and overseas fan to get them genuine autographs. She had done all this all by herself at the age of 20 without taking a single rupee from her family or friends, all out of pocket money and only for Ranbir Kapoor. However, as there are 2 sides of the coin. Later on, Ranbir’s popularity increased a lot post his critical & commercial success ‘Rockstar’ and  then Ranbir got busy with projects and, the Fan Girl almost lost contact with her Favourite star and her heart broke again. But that’s part and parcel of Bollywood. Nothing is permanent and so was this phase. Given the fact that she’s so courageous, she overcame this obstacle too.

Meanwhile, the Fan Girl realized to do something professionally and thought to get into social media marketing as she was very famous and super active on social media platforms to narrate things about Ranbir, so she  started her career in social media marketing. While doing so she had met Yaser Khan on a social networking platform, who is a Fan of Dharma films rather than any particular celebrity. They collaborated for film promotions.

Luckily, this didn’t stop the Fan Girl from Fangirling. Today she is addressed as ‘Arjunzaadi’ since she was the one to start this trend & Arjun Kapoor himself has confessed that she will head the other Arjun fans. She has widely increased & popularized him on social networking platforms through Fan Clubs.

She had started working on the same line of fangirling. She had entered into partnership with Ashish Sharma, a FAN, a Bollywood enthusiast & thorough professional, who has been The fan girl’s friend since five years and has invested with her and launched a Fan based website in which the fangirl will be the host and dost of the site. They together have brainstormed day & night to come up with this website. He added features like A Fan-Talk. Apart from being her associate, Ashish has been a loyal friend who has always supported her. He has the fan girl’s back all the time. He has been working with her through all the Up’s and Down’s, while juggling work as a PR and Social Media Expert

The fangirl will be the ultimate bridge between the fans and stars which will be registered on this site. Fangirl had developed her relation with many celebrities and their managers. Various fans of various celebrities are in touch with her and they keep on mailing requests of their desire to meet their favorite stars. So to generate an amount of database which can be used for the ultimate benefit of all fans and stars she will be allowing the access to the fans to build relations with their star celebrity through her website.

The ultimate goal of the concept to be copyrighted is that, a girl who is Bollywood crazy since childhood is servicing fans to meet, talk, chat, with other fans and celebrities and share pictures, videos, articles, essays, stories, etc on the website by Fan Girl.

Model of fangirl:

A) To connect fans to their stars.

B) To connect a Fan to other fans of same actor/ star and fans of other actor/ star too.

C) To connect struggling actors to directors and producers for good work.

D) To increase star rating of any actor by promoting them online and offline, which will be upcoming on the site.

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